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Men read

science fiction to

build the future. Women don't 

need to read it. They are the future.

Ray Bradbury

welcome dreamers!

Thank you for joining me in my universe! If, like me, you love sci-fi, are able to dream and visualise places outside the realm of imagination I will take you behind the scene of the 17 Planets' universe. Enjoy!

If you want to know more about me have a look at My story.

A. R. Alexander


inspirations and metaphors

You might ask why I chose a yellow and blue website with superheroes vibes.

I love vintage sci-fi - both books and movies - and I was inspired by the movie poster of Forbidden Planet.

In this section you can see the most important  influences I had for my book.

Yellow is the colour of the sun and of positivity. Being an optimistic person, I believe that anything is possible and there is a solution for every problem.

Blue as the colour of sadness, and the female protagonist of my book "17 Planets - The Captain" faced many challenges in her past and she finds herself facing an even harder present. 

17 Planets

the captain

"That evil witch was making fun of him and all of them! It was unbelievable!”

A woman with an extraordinary mind and a painful past demanding revenge. 17 planets divided into four factions whose leaders forgot their inhabitants all arrived from the same place: Planet Earth. A threat that could turn a tool that saves everyone’s life into the worst imaginable nightmare. Elizabeth, a chameleonic and seductive woman, is the only one who can make a difference, but her uniqueness weighs on her shoulders like the world weighs on Atlas' shoulders.

These are just some of the ingredients of this novel where action scenes alternate with political ones and the relationship between the many characters, as much as the suffering and the claustrophobic anguish, alternate with the human need for love and loyalty. All seasoned with a drops of eroticism and a hint of humour.

If you want to know more about the Saga have a look at 17 Planets Saga.

editorial review

book review directory

Author A.R. Alexander dives into the action from the outset in this intense and exciting sci-fi fantasy saga.
17 Planets is an entertaining and intelligent sci-fi odyssey with a wide appeal. A.R. Alexander has written a book with a gripping plot, a strong heroine, and a fascinating dynamic between heroine and hero.

"[in the book]Nothing is ever as it seems.
With a style capable of recreating a new world and a new humanity which address important issues, the author guides us in a science fiction novel, the first volume of a series that promises to be exciting."


"The book flows wonderfully. political upheaval and action alternate each other at a perfectly balanced pace. [...] The writing is impeccable and the management of the characters is very accurate, both on the personal and psychological level"

appunti di un lettore compulsivo

“17 Planets - The captain" is an amazing book where places, technologies and cultures blend into what is hardly an obvious aspect of science fiction. we find ourselves in a totally different universe outside any other literary genre.”
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